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Web Developer with experience in Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Passionate about technology and innovation.


Systems Engineer and experienced Web Developer with a strong track record collaborating with renowned companies like Tigo Guatemala, Mabe, and GE Appliances Canada. My expertise lies in efficient and functional development of administrative and e-commerce websites. I have strong skills in Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which enable me to deliver high-quality results. Additionally, I am adaptable and eager to learn new technologies.

I prioritize user-centric web solutions and value effective communication with clients. If you're looking for a versatile developer with proven experience, I'm here to bring your ideas to life in the digital realm.


  • CIANCODERS - ENAPSYS, Guatemala - Mexico

    Java/SAP Commerce Developer
    • Enhanced Commercial Web Projects for Multiple High-profile Clients: Successfully designed, developed, and implemented commercial web projects for clients including Mabe Global, GE Appliances Canada, Shasa Mexico, and Nutec. Utilized SAP Commerce to build functionalities by manipulating database types, constructing services and DAOs for database queries, styling layouts, and creating and enhancing themes. Developed functionalities for tax calculations, implemented payment gateways, integrated with Cloud Hot Folder for business processes, managed order replication, and executed integrations with CI tools as a Senior Developer in Enapsys Mexico’s outsourcing team.
    • Led the Development of GE Profile Mexico's E-commerce Platform: Spearheaded the creation of a robust and scalable e-commerce platform, coordinating to ensure timely delivery and high performance.
    • Implemented Integration Solutions for Estafeta México: Developed a web service in Spring Boot to seamlessly integrate with Open Text API. Created a file orchestrator for CSV to XML conversion and an automation application for log classification, optimizing data handling processes for a leading logistics company.
    • Developed Efficient Code for SAP Commerce Applications: Leveraged Java programming to create and refine code for SAP Commerce, significantly enhancing system efficiency and functionality.
    • Engineered Administrative Web Solutions for Tigo Guatemala and Prendacredito: Delivered intuitive and reliable administrative web applications, ensuring user-friendly interfaces and stable performance for critical business operations.
    • Collaborated in Agile Development Environments: Actively contributed to team-based Agile projects, ensuring alignment with objectives and timely delivery of key milestones and deliverables.
    • Diagnosed and Resolved System Issues: Performed in-depth investigations to identify root causes of issues and defects, providing actionable recommendations to enhance system reliability and performance.
    • Optimized Database Structures for Web Applications: Designed and implemented robust databases, optimizing table structures for efficient data storage and retrieval to support high-performance web applications.
    • Maintained Comprehensive Software Documentation: Developed and updated detailed software documentation, ensuring clarity and accuracy for future reference, system maintenance, and knowledge transfer.
  • CLUB SEGURIDAD, Guatemala

    Backend Developer (Independent Projects)
    • Responsible for the technical design and backend development of the Migrant Flow Control System for Casa del Migrante Guatemala, which has efficiently recorded data of migrants in transit through Guatemala, improving registration time by 70% compared to the previous method.
    • Developed and implemented administration projects for Mujeres Transformando el Mundo using Django framework, ensuring efficient and functional web applications.
    • Demonstrated strong independent work skills by taking ownership of the entire development process, including designing, coding, and testing.
    • Constructed flexible and reusable code and libraries, promoting code efficiency and scalability for future projects and enhancements.
    • Designed database structures, creating robust and optimized databases that efficiently store and retrieve data for the Django applications.
    • Developed APIs and data clients to consume APIs using Django Rest Framework (DRF), facilitating seamless communication and integration with external systems and services.

    Full Stack Developer
    • Design and development of administrative web applications using Spring Boot, for the energy and education sectors.